Postsecondary Education is possible for  individuals with intellectual and developmental disability!

The mission of the South Carolina Inclusive Postsecondary Education Consortium (SCIPSEC) is to promote awareness, development, and the policy interests of all inclusive college programs in the state that support students with intellectual and developmental disability. 

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There are 6 college programs across the state of South Carolina for individuals with intellectual disability. While each of the programs is unique, they collectively focus on offering support and opportunities for growth/success in the areas of functional academics, independent living, social engagement, and employment. 

The South Carolina Inclusive Postsecondary Education Consortium (SCIPSEC) is housed in the Center for Transition Research and Leadership at the University of South Carolina. The consortium is comprised of the 6 colleges and universities across the state of South Carolina that offers an inclusive campus experience for young adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

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There are several agencies and organizations that the SCIPSEC is in active collaboration with in order to best serve students with intellectual disability and their families as they pursue a college experience, seek employment and related avenues to community inclusion and involvement. 

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Our Commitment to Excellence for Inclusive Postsecondary Education

To ensure best practices and effective program strategies are being incorporated and maintained, data is collected annually on the identified areas of independent living and employment outcomes. Additionally, to ensure the impacts of SC IPSE programs are accessible to all, student demographic data is collected.

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