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CarolinaLIFE is a four-year, inclusive postsecondary education program at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. CarolinaLIFE has been in existence since 2008 and has a current average program enrollment of 25 students. CarolinaLIFE has a philosophy founded on inclusion, individualization, typicality, and collaboration across university systems, based on each student’s interests and identified support needs. All students have the same opportunities as other college students enrolled at the university, including access to all college-level coursework (for audit), on-campus, non-segregated, dorm-living, and access to all university sponsored clubs and organizations. Typicality is a pillar of the program and at the forefront of all programmatic decision-making; thus, all student experiences should be as “typical” as any other of their peers’ experiences. 


Coastal Carolina LIFE is a four-year, inclusive postsecondary education program for young adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. The program has been in existence since 2009. Person-centered planning is used to customize each student’s program to align with their individual learning and employment goals. The program emphasizes student independence and personal development. LIFE students learn choice-making along with academic, communication, self-advocacy, and financial literacy skills. All students have the same opportunities as other college students enrolled at the university, including access to all college-level coursework (for audit), on-campus, residence hall suites or apartments, and access to all university sponsored clubs and organizations. 

Coastal Carolina University LIFE

The REACH Program at the College of Charleston is a four-year, fully-inclusive certificate program for students with mild intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) that provides an education in academics, social development, independent living, and career development. Our goal is to enable students to become as self-determined and independent as possible while learning the skills they need in a fully inclusive environment. 

Students in the REACH Program participate in activities offered by the College of Charleston, with individualized support for success.

These include: 
  • Attending traditional classes (with modifications and support);
  • Living in traditional on-campus housing and residence halls;
  • Completing internships;
  • Participating in campus clubs, activities, and organizations; and
  • Peer-mentoring.


Winthrop University's LIFE Program offers two-year postsecondary education opportunities for students with intellectual disability. The program creates customized schedules for each student using a person-centered planning approach. The schedules include traditional courses, internships, and specialty courses to support student development of specific skill sets. The focus of the WinthropLIFE is to build and strengthen skills in the areas of employment, self-determination, health and nutrition, social networking, and independent living.

WTC is a federally designated Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The certificate and curriculum were approved by the U.S. Department of Education. As a CTP, our students are eligible to complete the FAFSA and receive certain forms of federal financial aid, including Pell grants and work-study funds.


The ClemsonLIFE Program offers a two-year Basic Program that incorporates functional academics, independent living, employment, social/leisure skills, and health/wellness skills in a public university setting with the goal of producing self-sufficient young adults. Additionally, the ClemsonLIFE Program offers a four-year Advanced Program for students that have demonstrated the ability to safely live independently, sustain employment, and socially integrate during the Basic Program. The Advanced Program progresses with an emphasis on workplace experience, community integration, and independent living with transitionally reduced supports. In addition to the ClemsonLIFE curriculum, every ClemsonLIFE student takes a traditional course (for credit) and has access to all student organizations on campus including, but not limited to: greek life, student government, intramural sports, etc. Students who successfully complete the Basic and/or Advanced program will receive a corresponding certificate of post-secondary education.

ClemsonLIFE also offers an employment based program, the Hospitality Certificate Program (HCP). HCP students will receive a combination of classroom and employment experiences to prepare for employment in the Hospitality Industry. This two-year program provides graduates with a ClemsonLIFE Hospitality Certificate while having the opportunity to receive other training/certifications (e.g., CPR/AED, Hazmat, Customer Service).


Pacer LIFE is a two-year postsecondary program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program focuses on employment and independent living skills. Generally, students take at least one-credit of USC Aiken coursework each semester, complete a series of Pacer LIFE-specific courses, obtain and maintain a job, and join student clubs and organizations on-campus. Additionally, students live in Pacer Commons on campus with the support of a LIFE Resident Assistant (LRA).


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